Dot Upgrade

Upgrade your MAGNETOM system with Dot. Go for consistent results, efficiently.

Knee Dot Engine
Abdomen Dot Engine

In 2009, Siemens introduced Dot workflow technology, which today is comprised of 9 Dot engines - loaded with Siemens' automation functionality and efficient scanning optimizations.
In 2014, with the latest generation of Dot - DotGO - all of the engines are brought together with the Dot Cockpit, a central exam user interface available for MAGNETOM ESSENZA, MAGNETOM Avantofit, and MAGNETOM Skyrafit.

What is new with a Dot Upgrade?

Dot engines

Dot engines, such as the Brain Dot Engine, are available for various body regions. The Brain Dot Engine is standard and enables consistent brain imaging regardless of the patient condition – even if conditions change during the course of the exam. Brain examinations are standardized through less user interactions, greater ease-of-use, and patient-specific adaptations.

“We are really satisfied with the Dot Upgrade. The installation required very little downtime and our technologists were able to work right away with the new user interface.” 1
Dr. Jochen Hansmann, Chief Radiologist
Theresien Hospital, Mannheim, Germany

General Requirements


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