Kidney tumor imaging with VNC Dual Energy

SOMATOM Definition Dual Energy Scanning

Jiri Ferda MD PhD, Boris Kreuzberg MD PhD
University Hospital Pilsen / Czech Republic
 |  2008-11-20


A 56-year-old male patient was referred to the University Hospital Pilsen with abdominal pressure pain near right kidney region. The patient also experienced fever and weight loss. A hematuria exists and has been proven by the general practitioner. The proximate ultrasound shows a right kidney infiltration.


After the Dual Energy scan performed on the SOMATOM Definition Dual Source CT, the post processing of the images in VNC (Virtual non Contrast) displayed a color-coded iodine distribution map. The Dual Energy iodine assignment confirms a tumor infiltration of the right kidney, emphasizing by color-codery the hypervascularized tumor tissue with involvement of the renal vein. The same SOMATOM Definition DSCT scan verified metastases in retroperitoneal lymph nodes.


In the Dual Energy mode, two x-ray sources can be operated simultaneously at different KV levels. The results are two spiral data sets acquired in a single scan providing diverse information that allows one to differentiate, characterize, isolate, and distinguish the imaged tissue and material. Enhancement patterns of kidney regions can clearly be visualized with the Dual Energy VNC application.

Examination Protocol

Scanner SOMATOM Definition
Scan area Abdomen CTA
Scan length 500 mm
Scan time 17s
Scan direction Cranio-Caudal
kV 140/80
Effective mAs 60/360
Rotation time 0.5 s
Slice collimation 0.6 mm
Reconstructed slice thickness 0.6 mm
Increment 0.4 mm
Kernel B20f

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